LyncMe Safety and Security

Lync Official Account20 January 2019 09:53

Our security team is dedicated to ensuring LyncMe’s accounts, platform, our applications and integrations and links are secure and reliable. Lately, for your better security, we announced that all Lyncs ( all shorten and branded links) will be encrypted with HTTPS. This is an added layer of security on top of the advanced security settings we already provide to support corporate or government mandated policies.


LyncMe also strives to prevent bad actors from misusing our modules, apps and online platform. We work with trusted tech partners to monitor and block abuse and spam, and encourage the public to report suspicious Lyncs to


Finally, there are steps our users can take to increase their accounts’ security. We recommend employing strong passwords and two factor authentication when signing in. Enterprise accounts can also take advantage of single sign-on (SSO) options and advanced user permissions within the platform

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